Scholarships + Awards

Scholarships, Awards + Opportunities

The Office of External Fellowships at UIC focuses on nationally- and internationally-competitive scholarships and fellowships. OEF devotes significant attention to many of these awards, and has established formal application and nomination processes to help our students through the application process.

Many of these awards require a student to be nominated by UIC, although OEF also provides advisement on many similar awards which do not require formal university endorsement.

There are numerous awards open to underclassmen and those looking for post-baccalaureate experiences. It is possible, and often desirable, to apply for multiple scholarships during your college years and beyond.

A list of the main awards that OEF has expertise on can be viewed on the Nationally Competitive Scholarships page.

Nationally Competitive Scholarships

Additionally, OEF receives information on a variety of other scholarships and fellowships that may be of interest to UIC students. Most of these opportunities focus on specific disciplines, degrees, or extracurricular activities, or fund study abroad experiences.