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Know Your Timeline

Scholarly opportunities exist for students at all levels!

Start early and prepare for success

For many awards, you may need to position yourself by gaining key co-curricular experiences, like research and internships, over many semesters, including the summers. Starting in your first year is ideal, but if you don't find these until later, there are still many opportunities you can pursue. UREF, along with your other advisors and mentors, can help you develop these experiences by connecting you with the best people and resources. Finally, fellowship applications are not something that you can hammer out in a weekend or even a week. You should start working with your fellowships advisor well in advance of the deadline and then work continuously on drafts that evolve toward a polished product.

Gain readiness 

Not only does civic engagement and community involvement provide real-world experience and learning but volunteering and leadership activities also strengthen your application and position as a candidate. UIC offers opportunities to get engaged through the Student Leadership and Civic Engagement site as well as through individual schools and colleges.

For first-years

During your first year, it may seem that many fellowships are too far in the future to be a priority; yet as a first-year student, you have the most flexibility in shaping your future at UIC. If you approach your college education intending to take advantage of many opportunities, both academic and extracurricular, and thus in the process craft an ideal education for yourself, you will likely have made yourself competitive for several fellowship opportunities.